Harvard Graduate School of Design Option Studio Novel Museum led by Kuehn Malvezzi

plan | interventions

Novel Museum is questioning the idea of new museum typology to exhibit digital art.

A regular museum is usually represented as a contained environment inside itself. Alternatively, the apparatus is not a building anymore, the museum itself has no inside space, and uses only the context of the city. It is not a blank page or white box, but rather layers of many meanings. Apparatus uses urban context as a place for exhibition.

Apparatus becomes an instrument for art.

Apparatus as a museum becomes a performative space for interaction and interpretation. It reveals an existing environment to create a space for events, where art is no longer an object, but a medium for interaction.


Each element mimicry the material it is attached to, translating it to concrete.

Models. Historical context is to be used as a space for exhibiting digital media art.