Porch House

Harvard Graduate School of Design Option Studio led by Jennifer Bonner and Hanif Kara

James Templeton Kelley Prize

The project becomes an intersection of two topics - American domesticity and CLT 

The project rethinks the Southern American wrap around porch typology using CLT blank as a formal and aesthetic element. Following the logic of the wrap around plan, where the inner part of the house is completely private, the porch becomes the main part of the house serving all the shared functions.

Using a technique of folding CLT, panels wrap around the house, forming a porch. The folds become habitable spaces allowing for any function to happen inside and move around the porch. The fold unfolds constantly changing scenarios in the continuous space of the porch. It blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, between function and space.

Southern Wrap Around Porch Typology  

Porch House


unfolded facade