Circle Theater

Mosow Architectural Institute
Yury Grigoryan Studio

The theater which is located on the plaza is the completion of the square due to the circular shape, organically fitting the square and forming a unique space.

The building consists of two disks (roofs) that are rotated to each other relatively. One of them is raised above the ground and turned, thus, creating a concert hall on an open-air (amphitheater). Therefore, the square becomes the scene for an open concert hall on the roof. Another roof-disk is a recreation space.

The theater gradually deepens underground, sinking by fluent ramps. Overall, the building has four levels. The first one is the public, which works with the city space. The theater lobby and the buffet are located below. One of the levels connects directly to the subway station, from where it is possible to enter the theater and see an inner circulation through rising on the escalator. Finally, the technical rooms are located on the lowest level.

Overall, the building of the concert hall becomes an idiomatic screw, which is penetrating the plaza space and connecting the city to the theater.